First Post!

Good day!

So I'm just testing out this devlog thing, but I figured I'd talk about what's going on with the project so far.

Things That Work:

  • Lane spawning, adding and removing lanes
  • Player movement
  • Objects spawning on the lanes and moving down it
  • Objects being destroyed once they're off screen.

Things That Don't Work:

  • These Dev Log tools for
  • Uploading images of the game.
  • Random objects spawning on the lanes, it's spawning the same object in every lane. (C# Random class is crap)

Things To Do:

  • Gameplay features; shooting, dying, game logic, etc.
  • Pausing
  • Sound and Music
  • Art assets
  • Controller support
  • Saving/Loading
  • Difficulty levels
  • Bonus stuff

I'll try and provide updates somewhat frequently. Also, check out my blog at for any additional information.

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