A downloadable game for Windows

Currently untitled Bullet-Hell game made in Unity. Intended to be released for PC.


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A = Move Left
D = Move Right
Space = Jump (Move between top and bottom of the screen)
Left Mouse Button = Fire main weapon (Holding will auto-fire)
Right Mouse Button = Fire Special Weapon
Esc = Pause
F10 = Take Screenshot (Images stored in BulletHellLaneShooter_Data\Screenshots)

DualShock 4

X = Fire main weapon (Holding will auto-fire)
Square = Fire Special Weapon
Triangle = Jump
L1 / Right D-Pad = Move Right
R1 / Left D-Pad = Move Left
Left Analogue Stick = Move
Options Button = Pause

DualShock 4 controller supported natively. To use Xbox 360/Xbox One controllers you will need to manually change the controls in the splash screen.

Additional Notes:

The game supports framelimting and VSync, you can do this by adding the following launch arguments.

-maxfps <e.g. 30, 60, etc.> -vsync <1, 2, or 3>

Or via the in-game menu.

Currently, the graphics options must be set via the splash screen before starting the game.


Feel free to leave feedback or suggestions on this pages comments or contact me directly.


BHLS-DemoDay23Demo.zip 17 MB
BHLS-Prototype3Demo.zip 17 MB
BHLS-Prototype2DemoDayDemo.zip 13 MB
BHLS-Prototype1Demo.zip 13 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file, then unpack it, go to the unpacked folder, and launch the executable.

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Hope it helps!

Thanks for the feedback. Good to know the movement is more or less good, and I've been meaning to find a solution to the hovering in the middle issue.