08/03/2018 Progress Report

What's Working:

  • All the 3D models are made
  • Made some art changes to a couple of objects
  • Fixed some bugs with the wave system

What I Need To Work On:

  • Textures and shaders for the models
  • Saving and loading for the content creation system
  • Loading enemy, weapon, and boss types into the content creator
  • Continued 3D modelling
  • Visual feedback from the HUD on various things
  • Making more levels
  • Boss fights
  • Checkpoints

Other Things I'm Doing:

  • HUD design

Future Things:

  • Pausing
  • Sound and Music
  • Art assets
  • Controller support
  • Saving/Loading
  • Graphics/Gameplay/Sound options
  • Difficulty levels
  • Bonus stuff

A Few Other Words:

So the good news is that most of the 3D models are done and I'm happy with most of them. There's a few I need to change, and I still need to do textures, shaders, and such to improve them; but the bulk of it is done. 

The bad news is that I'm very unhappy with how the game plays. I just don't think it's fun right now, and I don't know what I should do. And to that effect, I'm going to release a demo. Now I should remind you folks that the game is still VERY, VERY early in development. It'll be classified as a prototype demo. It'll be quite short, showing off sort of how the game plays now with the different enemies and mechanics. Not sure when I'll release it, but expect something within a month or so. Depending on the feedback I get, I may have to rethink about what I'm building here.

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