15/01/2018 Progress Report

What's Working:

  • Content system UI mostly there.
  • Partially implemented new item; Bomb.

What I Need To Work On:

  • Saving and loading for the content creation system
  • Loading enemy, weapon, and boss types into the content creator
  • Going to do some 3D models for the player and such soon
  • More enemy types
  • More weapons and power ups
  • Visual feedback from the HUD on various things
  • Making more levels
  • Lives system
  • Boss fights
  • Checkpoints

Other Things I'm Doing:

  • Visual graphics and images
  • Design work

Future Things:

  • Pausing
  • Sound and Music
  • Art assets
  • Controller support
  • Saving/Loading
  • Graphics/Gameplay/Sound options
  • Difficulty levels
  • Bonus stuff

A Few Other Words:

My last post was two months ago? Happy new year I guess.

OK, so progress has been a little slow since my last post. For the content creator, most of the UI stuff is there, even the saving and loading menus. The only thing left to do is have it load in the lists of items and then have the whole thing export into a readable format. But for now, I'm getting back to building items and weapons for the game. The new one I've added is a bomb object, which when shot at detonates and destroys objects around it. Additionally, if it makes its way down to the end where the player is, it'll detonate there and kill the player.

I'll be adding a couple more things over the next couple of weeks. After that, probably finally start working on the 3D stuff.

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