13/11/2017 Progress Report

What's Working:

  • Content creation system is mostly complete, waves, lanes, and lane sequences can be added.
  • The UI for the menu enables and disables items dynamically.
  • Switching between things keeps the values there (Although if you add new waves, lanes, or lane sequences; everything gets deleted)

What I Need To Work On:

  • Saving and loading for the content creation system
  • Loading enemy, weapon, and boss types into the content creator
  • More enemy types
  • More weapons and power ups
  • Visual feedback from the HUD on various things
  • Making more levels
  • Lives system
  • Boss fights
  • Checkpoints

Other Things I'm Doing:

  • Considering what to name the game
  • Going to do some 3D models for the player and such soon
  • Visual graphics and images
  • Design work

Future Things:

  • Pausing
  • Sound and Music
  • Art assets
  • Controller support
  • Saving/Loading
  • Graphics/Gameplay/Sound options
  • Difficulty levels
  • Bonus stuff

A Few Other Words:

I made some pretty good progress last week working on this, and it's come together quite well. There were a couple of things I had to redo, but for the most part it's just worked. So now the new issue is, how do I save and load this information. Now the nice thing about the way I've structured this, I should be able to just automate the loading of information, as everything is just stored in prefab objects. So I just have to make a script that sets the values on creation, and it should work. Hypothetically anyway. Saving will probably end up being easier, but I'm debating whether to have it as serializable or have it written to an XML file. For the sake of openness and modding, I'm tempted to pick the latter.

Next time I post, I should have all that saving and loading business sussed out, and hopefully have some prototype levels planned out. Till next time.

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