15/08/2022 - First Trailer!

The First Trailer Is Here!

Watch it!

I'll talk more about the trailer in a bit, let's get the usual business out the way first.

What's New?

  • An upgrades menu has been added:
    • Players can now increase their health.
    • Enemy sizes can be changed to be either 1.5 times larger, or 20% smaller.
    • Players can now change the player sprite to one of several or symbols and images.
  • There is now a stats screen showing highest score, kill counts, total points, etc.
  • Various settings are now saved and will be loaded each time player's start the game. No more lost progress.
  • The game now supports Linux, including Steam Deck!

What's Changed?

  • New logo (You probably knew that already if you follow the Itch page).
  • Music for the main menu has been changed.
  • SFX for menus has been changed.
  • Menus can now be navigated with a controller (It's not perfect though, working on it)
  • New background video for the main menu
  • Game Over screen now fades in.

What's Fixed?

  • Credits screen has been adjusted slightly for a better size.
  • Fixed a bug on the game over screen where the points and kill counts values were swapped.


So I made a trailer for something called /v/3, which is a showcase of indie games from /v/ and /vg/agdg. It was fun seeing other people's games, and I even wishlisted a couple. Anyway, it's not much of a trailer, not too flashy or anything; but it gets the point across. Weirdly, in the time since I made that trailer and when it came out, I've made an alarming amount of progress with the game.

I'm almost finished.

I'm sure that comment will age well, but I also can't think of much else to add at this point. With the upgrade menu done, I've hit all the major milestones I've wanted to hit, and now I just need to fix up bugs. It's mostly UI issues though, which hopefully shouldn't be too big of a deal. I might take some time and make more music and sound effects for things and go through everything with a fine tooth comb and make small changes here and there.

The end is in sight. I hope.

Actually on that note, I still need to test the game on Android. Hopefully it just works. But it it doesn't, I'm gonna have a lot of work to do.

That's all for now. I'm gonna take it easy in August and then we'll see what happens in September. Later.

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