09/06/2022 - Post-Processing

Again, Itch won't let me embed the video file.

I know I said there wouldn't be an update for a while, but I still managed to do stuff this week, so here I am.

What's New?

  • Added some post-processing effects in the form of vignette and bloom.
  • The post-processing effects animate when the player gets hit.
  • Health bars now rotate with the player.
  • The player now recoils a bit when shooting.
  • New UI for menu buttons.

What's Changed?

  • Wave enemy's hitbox has been slightly reduced.
  • Popper enemy no longer damages the player if they spawn on top of them.

What's Next?

Coming up is a lot UI stuff. I've already made a start with some new UI buttons (Not actually new, I nicked them from Space Cart) and will be working on UI masks for the menus, new sprites for dropdown menus and other buttons. I also need some new fonts for all of those, and for a new logo, which I need to do some design work for.

I still haven't made a dent into making any new sound stuff, but I will soon. I need to find the right tools.

I know it's a small update, but I wanted to get it out of the way. Till next time.

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