Constantly spinning around.
Fending off foes.

Rotaction is a 2D arcade action game where you spin around shooting enemies with different coloured bullets, trying to get the highest score before they overwhelm you.


Design, Programming, Art, & Music by Adam Lutton.

Made in Unity.
Sprites made in Aseprite.
Sound Effects made with Bfxr.
Music and additional SFX made with LMMS.
Fonts by Kenney fonts -

AimMouseRight StickOn Screen Stick
White BulletLMB/ZR1/RBWhite Button
Black BulletRMB/XL1/LBBlack Button
Please note that the mobile version of the game does not currently support external gamepads.

This game is playable on Windows, Linux, and Android. The Linux build is compatible with the Steam Deck.

About The Demo:

The upgrades feature is disabled for the demo, meaning you cannot upgrade health or make other gameplay changes. These features are available in the full game.


Buy Now£1.00 GBP or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £1 GBP. You will get access to the following files: 32 MB 32 MB
Rotaction.apk 21 MB

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Keep up the good work bro

Gave it 5 try's max score was 50 it worked good on my windows pc. I like the minimalist graphics and simple color pallets. The game gets pretty difficult for me within under 1 minute if there were little power ups for spread shot or a rapid fire to get out of tight spots it would be cool, also needs more juice.