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Global Game Jam 2023 Entry


You're a super hacker inside cyberspace. Avoid obstacles and hit some ramps to get some sick air so you can get closer to the root of the computer system you're trying hack into.

Made with Unity, Blender, VRoid Studio, & Paint.NET. Animations from Mixamo.

Team Dingo is:


"Cybermatic Pulse" - Alexandr Zhelanov https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxmng6_DMIayDwkiWGVzVRQ https://soundcloud.com/alexandr-zhelanov

GitHub Repo


MoveWASDLeft Stick
Spin (In Air)Arrow KeysRight Stick


After GGJ happened, I (Adam) spent some time experimenting and tweaking the controls and handling of the game.

v006 has updated pathing for the level that minimises camera jitter and reduces the post-processing.

v007 updates the board handling to make it feel more hoverboard like, improves the camera, and fixes some issues with the first level.

All three are left up just for the sake of historical preservation. Check them all out if you want.


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SickHacksRoot_v007_Win.zip 103 MB
SickHacksRoot_v007_Linux.zip 109 MB
SickHacksRoot_v006_Win.zip 103 MB
SickHacksRoot_v006_Linux.zip 109 MB

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Well, I'm glad that you're made this game. Public missed hoverboard games :D

So I went through this game, and if for sure, then two levels and I can say about my impressions. Firstly, I really liked the visual style of this game, the glow of objects looks good. Moreover, you can immediately see where the platforms are and where the obstacles are. On the other hand, I would like to note that some turns were very difficult for me, it is necessary to go through them too carefully. Maybe it was dificult becouse I played with the keyboard, I don’t know how the game behaves with the gamepad. But later I discovered a bug with which cheeze game for me.

After some playtest I found that right slide did not have any collisions, so I fall there a lot of times, which became a softlock. Sadly, in game menu only two options, return and exit, no "restart" options. So every time after my softlock on first level (I tryed to cheeze a lot) I needed to exit the game end start it all over.
Also, when you enter the platform, you have some chance to fly much higher than usual. I did not understand how it works, but it turned out very funny.
Also, I found out that when you press the pause button, your turning speed is increased. That is, if you spam the escape button and the turn right or left key, you can go into much sharper turns. Only thanks to this bug I was able to master the game.

In any case, I liked this game. It is colorful, with interesting mechanics and in general I enjoyed the stunts on the hoverboard. Keep it up!

super jump glitch

super jump glitch

Thanks for playing. I'll try and fix those issues when I decide to take another look at the game. I also enjoy the super jump glitch, but I wish I knew what caused it. Probably a physics issue.