A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is a prototype for an idea, it likely isn't going to be a finished project. It's mostly just a way of figuring out how to build a few different complicated systems.

The point of this is to have a character that can freely explore the area, climb things and monsters, and do stuff with weapons. Plus a hoverboard because hoverboards are kinda rad.


InputKB/MPS Controller
MovementWASDLeft Analogue
CameraMouseRight Analogue
Crouch (Slide while running)CtrlCircle
Bow1Right D-Pad
Hoverboard (On/Off)QUp D-Pad
Hoverboard Forward / BackW / SR2 / L2
Hoverboard Left / RightA / DLeft Analogue Left/Right


SandSurfer_2023-05-04_Win.zip 107 MB
SandSurfer_2023-05-04_Linux.zip 123 MB

Install instructions

Extract .zip and run.

Development log

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