Team Dingo

ThreeThingGame Autumn 2021 Game Jam Submission

Frozen, Camel, Leaves


You're freezing to death. You've only got five minutes left before you succumb to the cold. Search the environment around you for tools and materials to help you survive.

Made By:

Adam Lutton (Design, Programming, Level Rigging, 2D Art, Textures)

Alex Hall (Design, 3D Art, Textures)

Jordan Windram (Sounds & Music)

Made With:

Unity, Blender, Aseprite


PCPS / Xbox
MovementWASDLeft Stick
CameraMouse MovementRight Stick
JumpSpaceCross / A
CrouchCtrlCircle / B
InteractESquare / X
Drop ItemQTriangle / Y
Primary AttackLeft Mouse ButtonR1 / RB


Download 46 MB

Install instructions

Extract ZIP, run executable.


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How do you get a knife?

You gotta find it. I'll give you a hint, it's roughly a 10 O'Clock position from where you start.

Oh ok. I was confused if you craft it or find it.